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Christ Shinagawa Church (GLORIA CHAPEL):
A Warm Neighborhood Church Where People Come to Be

The tower of the chapel adorned with the holy cross. On the right is the Gotenyama Trust Tower.

As you head towards Gotanda Station from Shinagawa Station on the JR Line, you’ll start seeing a tower topped with a holy cross from the front; that’s a landmark of the Christ Shinagawa Church. A church might not be much a familiar place to those who aren’t Christian. But, it’s actually a place that anyone can visit. At this church, you’ll even find popular events being held with three thousand people attendance! Here, you’ll be introduced to the charm that people in the know see in the Christ Shinagawa Church.

The zazen meditation hall of the Shinagawa Gotenyama Hara House and the church choir.

The founder of the church, Rev. Ken Saeki, commenced his mission to build a church in the Gotanda area of Shinagawa Ward in 1935. The church started off as the Gotanda Church of the Church of Christ in Japan (Order of the Church of Christ in Japan at Gotanda) in 1941; however, the building was burned to the ground during air raids in 1945. Rev. Ken Saeki did not give up, and resolved to continue his mission. After Japan lost the war, he held worship services at a zazen meditation hall located in the garden of the Gotenyama Hara House in Shinagawa, which was occupied by US forces.

The bazaar in 1949. There were many festivities held at the bazaar such as treasure fishing and ballet.

After that, the occupation by US forces had been called off and demands to leave the premises were issued. However, in 1949, two charity bazaars were held, with the profits used to build a chantry chapel in 1951 on what are now the current grounds of the Church. In 1966, with the aim of providing urban development and volunteer services to the community, the Shinagawa Regional Center was built alongside the chantry chapel, with exchanges between the church and the local community taking place through dance and piano lessons, along with other activities that the general public take part in.

The main event of the Christ Shinagawa Church: The Autumn Bazaar. Adults and children alike can enjoy this event.

These bazaars, which saved the church in a time of crisis, are the roots of the Autumn Bazaar held every year in October, with 2015 marking its 68th occasion. This is an event where over 3000 people come to congregate. On the day of the bazaar, stores which deal in clothing items and hand-made art pieces, as well as games corners are all lined up alongside each other. They are set up by churchgoers and by guardians of children attending the kindergarten located on the premises. Some people even line up in the early morning hoping to snag some bargains. We recommend that you check the church’s website for the date and time and get out to the bazaar early.

The Messiah Performance is held around the end of November and beginning of December.

There are also a plenitude of various classes like dance, piano and violin lessons. Among these, what’s particularly worth noting is the Messiah Choir. Members are recruited for the choir every year in June and they work together and practice for the performance put on in December. There were about 150 people in the group when they gave their first performance in 1992, and that number has grown to about 180 at present. They put on a hugely moving performance for the advent with hopes that Jesus Christ will return to Earth once again.

Reverend Kazuo Yoshimura with his gently, unfailing smile. There are concerts, musicals and other various events held in the chapel.

“We’d like lots of people to see classes and events, as well as worship service, as chances to come out to the church. We put on concerts and musicals in the chapel and there are even people casually drop in for Sunday worship services when they are out for a stroll. We’d be happy if people can find anything at the church which they can use in their own lives.” These are the words of the 3rd generation Reverend of the Church, Kazuo Yoshimura.

It is a holy place where people can casually come for events, where they can come to during a stroll, or come to learn something new. Connecting with the Christ Church Shinagawa is something that may potentially provide enrichment the heart for your everyday life.

The bricks used in the building were brought all the way from Canada. On the backside of each and every brick is the name of each and every donator to the church.

The bricks used in the building were brought all the way from Canada. On the backside of each and every brick is the name of each and every donator to the church.

Sunday Worship Services

Sunday Worship Services

Every Sunday

First Service:9:30am – 10:20am
Worship service for both children and adults.

Second Service:11:10am – 12:45pm
Worship service for adults.

Please visit the Christ Shinagawa Church Website for information on various lessons, events as well as Sunday worship services.

Christ Shinagawa Church (GLORIA CHAPEL)
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