On Instagram, please submit your photograph to “Photos of Gotenyama Trust City” with the hashtag “#gotenyama_trust_city_pic”.

Your photograph may be posted on the Instagram corner of the official Gotenyama Trust City website. When submitting your photograph, please don’t forget to use the hashtag “#gotenyama_trust_city_pic”.


In addition to “#gotenyama_trust_city_pic”, photographs tagged with any of “#gotenyamatrustcity, #GotenyamaTrustCity, #gotenyamatrusttower, #GotenyamaTrustTower, #trustcity, #TrustCity, #GotenyamaGarden, or #gotenyamagarden”; photographs tagged on the Gotenyama Trust City official account; and photographs taken of Gotenyama Trust City on the Instagram photomap may be posted on the Gotenyama Trust City official Instagram account and on the Instagram corner on the official site.


* This is managed by the Instagram app. system.

*Submitted photographs (submissions) may be posted on the Gotenyama Trust City official Instagram account, together with the SNS account name of the submitter, and may also be posted on Instagram within the official site.

*Not all submissions will be posted on the site, and they will be posted following a decision by the Company. Also, posted submissions may subsequently be removed at the discretion of the Company.

*The Company does not pay remuneration for submissions that are posted, regardless of the named used to describe said remuneration.

*When submitting a photograph, please comply with the following items.

・If other people appear in the submitted photograph, please first obtain the permission of said people before submitting it to the website. Submissions shall not be accepted that infringe the rights of third parties; that are pornographic, obscene, vulgar, or profane; or that induce or promote hatred, bigotry, racism, impersonation, unwarranted violence, or contain such content. Also, submissions that use images, characters, etc., that infringe on the rights of third parties shall not be accepted.
・In the case of a dispute with a third party about a submitted photograph, regardless of the decision by the Company to post or not to post said submission, the responsibility and costs incurred for the resolution of the dispute shall be borne entirely by the submitter.
・Submissions shall be limited to those that do not include information that would enable the identities of individuals to be specified, such as names, addresses, or telephone numbers.

* Instagram does not support, approve, manage, or is involved in this Instagram corner.

*The submitter shall bear the cost of the Internet communication fees and connection fees.

The management of the account may be ended or suspended without prior notice to the submitters or other third parties at the discretion of the Company, and the Company shall not bear any responsibility for any damage caused to submitters or other third parties as a result of this.

Please contact the help desk via the email address shown below for inquiries on the Gotenyama Trust City website or requests for deletions.
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